Panorama World
A world of panoramas from around the world by Jan van der Woning

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This website shows the Artprints that are available and can be bought, mounted and framed or unmounted. Send an email to ask about prices. The website is called Panoramaworld because it shows you a world in panoramas and panoramas that are made all around the world. From Artic to Antarctic, on the equator and everywhere between them.

The galleries are refreshed with the new panoramas, made during the voyages and expeditions Jan makes. So you are invited to return on a regular basis to see the newest work. Jan also takes assignments and uses his experience to make panoramic pictures under the most difficult circumstances and in dangerous situations.

Panoramic Photographer or short Panographer Jan van der Woning published a book called Panorama World, where some of his most beautifull panoramas are shown, look at a preview here



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